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JACOBS'Newly Renovated

Each room sleeps 2-4 people and are booked separately

If your Hudson Valley getaway dream is to have your own secluded room by a lake, Jacobs’ might be a perfect fit for you. Each room is separate and accessible from the outside (Rent only one room or both rooms to take over the whole place!). Enjoy the large deck overlooking the lake and step outside your door to the trailhead that goes around the lake.

Rooms in Jacobs’ feature:

  • One Double bed and a child-size futon couch that folds out to another double bed
  • Full bathroom with shower
  • Desk for a nice, quiet workspace
  • Heat and A/C
  • Large deck/porch overlooking the lake
  • Located near the lake, next to Hillside Retreat near the edge of the campground
  • Trailhead to go around the lake starts at Jacobs’

Number of Guests