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Cottage Rooms

Our newly renovated cottages are absolutely charming.

With a private exterior entrance to each room, our cottage rooms create easy access to outdoor activities while providing all the creature comforts of a private full bath, Smart TV, microwave and mini fridge within each room. If you’re traveling with friends and family, reserve multiple rooms in a cottage for close proximity to each other! Call 845-758-8764 to coordinate a group booking.

Rooms from: $155 per night

JACOBS' COTTAGENewly Renovated

2 bedrooms, sleeps 2-4 per room (total 4-8)

If your Hudson Valley getaway dream is to have your own secluded cottage by a lake, Jacobs’ Cottage might be a perfect fit for you. Each room is separate and accessible from the outside (Rent only one room or both rooms to take over the whole cottage!). Enjoy the large deck overlooking the lake and step outside your door to the trailhead that goes around the lake.

Rooms in Jacobs’ Cottage feature:

  • One Double bed and a futon couch that folds out to another double bed
  • Full bathroom with shower
  • Smart TV, coffee maker, microwave, and mini fridge
  • Desk for a nice, quiet workspace
  • Heat and A/C
  • Large deck/porch overlooking the lake
  • Located near the lake, next to Hillside Retreat near the edge of the campground
  • Trailhead to go around the lake starts at Jacobs’ Cottage
Rooms from: $155 per night

CEDAR COTTAGENewly Renovated

2 rooms, sleeps 5-8 per room (total 10-16)

Cedar Cottage is one of the more secluded cottages at our campground. It is situated by itself near the Chapel. Cedar 1 has a large porch overlooking the lake. There are only 2 rooms in Cedar Cottage and each room is separate and accessible from the outside (Rent only one room or both rooms to take over the whole cottage!).

Rooms in Cedar Cottage feature:

  • Cedar 1 has Two Bunk Beds (one with a queen on the bottom and one with a double on the bottom) plus a double futon
  • Cedar 2 has a bunk bed with a full size bottom, a queen size bed, and a futon
  • Full bathroom with shower, Smart TV, coffee, maker, microwave, and mini fridge
  • Heat and A/C

Note: Cedar Cottage 1 has a large porch overlooking the lake with a good view of the lake.

Rooms from: $200 per night

DOLAN COTTAGENewly Renovated

2 suites, sleeps 5-7 per suite

When you choose Dolan Cottage, you’ll have a suite-style lodging. Your suite includes a bedroom (which sleeps up to 5 people on the Queen Bunk Bed with a twin bed on top and two additional twin beds) and a living room for you to spread out. The living room has a pull-out couch that can sleep 2 additional people.

Suites in Dolan Cottage feature:

  • Bedroom with Queen Bunk Bed (twin on top) and two additional twin beds
  • Living room with a full size pull-out couch, a desk, a smart TV, and a microwave and mini fridge
  • Private bathroom
  • Heat and A/C
  • Small porch/deck overlooking the lake
  • Nice view of the lake from each suite
  • Centrally located near the lake and Athletic Field
Rooms from: $175 per night


3 cottages, 4 rooms each, sleeps 4-6 per room (total 16-24 per cottage)

Bergers’ Cottages has 3 cottages that are situated together only a short walk from all our wonderful campground amenities and activities. Each cottage has a patio with furniture and there is a pergola between Bergers’ 1 and 2 that you are welcome to enjoy. Bergers’ Cottages is great for families or groups who want to be close to each other with shared outdoor space but still have private rooms and bathrooms at the end of the day.

Rooms in Bergers’ Cottages feature:

  • Two Bunk Beds (one with queen on bottom and another with double on the bottom)
  • Full bathroom with shower
  • Each room has a smart TV, coffee maker, microwave, and mini fridge
  • Heat and A/C
  • Bergers’ Hamlet is located right next to the Mount Meredith Trail

Note: Bergers’ 2 can be paired with Bergers’ Multipurpose room for meetings/gatherings (located in the downstairs of Bergers’ 2, accessible only from the outside) which has a full kitchen and dining area. This is great for groups who want to have some shared space to gather!