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CEDAR #2Newly Renovated

Each room sleeps 5-8 people and are booked separately

Cedar is one of the more secluded rooms at our campground. It is situated by itself near the Chapel. Cedar 1 has a large porch overlooking the lake. There are only 2 rooms in Cedar and each room is separate and accessible from the outside (Rent only one room or both rooms to take over the whole place!).

Rooms in Cedar feature:

  • Cedar 1 has Two Bunk Beds (one with a queen on the bottom and one with a double on the bottom) plus a child-size double futon
  • Cedar 2 has a bunk bed with a full size bottom, a queen size bed, and a child-size futon
  • Full bathroom with shower, Smart TV, coffee, maker, microwave, and mini fridge
  • Heat and A/C

Number of Guests